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Writing internet articles

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If you like writing internet articles like the ones posted on the Big Blog Monkey blog, or you have been trying to think of ways to make some spare money in your free time while working from your home or a cafe near you that you like, you should know that there are lots of companies out there that need to hire people to write blog information. Between the need for online articles, blogger news, and other types of online info, there is plenty of work to be done for industrious writers who like to make money by freelancing. The trick to working as a writer of internet articles is to know how to find the work. It is also important that you be able to discuss a wide range of topics in your internet articles so that you can maximize your value to many potential employers.

One way to get work as a blogger who writes internet articles for pay is to reach out to search engine optimization companies (often referred to as SEO firms or SEM companies). They always need fresh, new, well written internet articles about a huge variety of topics, so they are the perfect people to talk to when you want writing work. They will use the internet articles that you write to bolster content on their own web sites, and the sites of their clients as well, which will, in turn, help those sites to get better search engine rankings and online reputations. Good search engine rankings and a good online reputation is key to online businesses getting the traffic that they need to succeed, so there is always a need for a steady stream of internet articles for SEO.

You can also join affiliate marketing programs, and put links for advertisers in the internet articles that you post on your personal blog. When one of your loyal readers makes a purchase through one of those links, you get a cut of the profits, just for posting a little link in one of your articles. Lots of bloggers love to make money like this, so, when you want to make a little extra income, this is always a good option.