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Urgent Care Fremont CA for your Urgent Health Care Needs

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Walk in clinic fremont ca

One of fastest growing areas of the American health care system is urgent care. Urgent care centers are growing steadily ever more popular due to their status as being a hybrid of emergency rooms and physicians offices. As in emergency rooms, urgent care Fremont CA operates on a walk in basis. However, wait times at Fremont urgent care are shorter than those at emergency rooms. People who visit an urgent care center will wait only slightly longer to be seen than they would at their physicians office, but Newark urgent care tends to have longer hours that are more convenient for the schedules of busy patients.

Urgent care milpitas and Urgent Care Freemont CA are helping to revolutionize health care delivery. Nearly two thirds of urgent care centers have staffs made up not only of physicians, but nurse practitioners and physician assistants as well. There is at the bare minimum one on site physician working at 65 percent of urgent care centers nationwide.

In 2010, the Rand Corporation conducted a study concluding that approximately one out of five hospital emergency room visits could be treated by health care professionals at urgent care centers such as urgent care Fremont CA. This shift in locales would potentially save 4.4 billion dollars in annual health care related costs.

Urgent care Fremont CA centers provide much of the same health care services as do hospital emergency rooms. The Urgent Care Association of America has set high standards for urgent care. For example, every urgent care center must be equipped with on site diagnostic services such as x ray and phlebotomy capabilities. Urgent care fremont CA has all of this and more. At Urgent care fremont CA, patients can count on getting their health care needs met in a respectful and timely manner.