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Improper Food Handling Can Cost Businesses Money When Not Addressed Properly

Written by Channel 8 News Reno. Posted in Food and hygiene course, Food and sanitation, Food handlers permit online

Food and sanitation

Did you know that most illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths that occur as a result of food poisoning are linked to eight known pathogens, which can be killed following proper food and sanitation rules? For any business that serves food, following health codes is important in maintaining not only safety, but a good bottom line. In NYC, for example, the city collects over forty five million dollars in health code violation fines every year from restaurants alone.

For businesses who have employees handling food, it can be useful to enroll them in a food and hygiene course. Many employers do not realize the extent to which their employees are mis or under informed about proper food handling. This often is the result of incomplete training, which relies on other employees remembering to explain everything to the new employee, and also relies on the new employee to remember everything and understand the importance of it while adjusting to multiple new challenges and systems. It is no wonder that mistakes are often made.

A food safety course can increase employee knowledge while decreasing the chance that health hazards will occur in the workplace. Even if the local government does not realize health code violations are taking place, if multiple people get sick from eating your food it can create a very damaging reputation that affects sales. Food protection courses also standardize the methods of handling food and cleaning up, which can lead to less confusion and lost time working with ineffective methods.

For employers interested in having their employees learn about handling food properly, many food safety certification programs can be taken online. Find more: