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Tasty Guacamole Recipes

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Recipes with hummus

Did you know that over 15 million Americans partook of hummus regularly during the year of 2008. Well, they did, and that is hard to believe considering that just a generation ago you would be hard pressed to find an American who did eat hummus on a regular basis. Today, hummus brands and guacamole brands are widely available at any local supermarket. In fact, there are all kinds of varieties of hummus dips and guacamole brands, such as Sabra hummus, which is among the finest hummus brands available on the market.

For those who are still not familiar with hummus, it originated in the Middle East, and is actually a staple in the diets of Middle Eastern folks. While hummus recipes vary, it is basically made of mashed chickpeas and can contain a variety of spices to taste. Typically, hummus is served with a dash of paprika, parsley, and perhaps a drizzle of olive oil.

As far as hummus nutrition goes, because hummus is made up primarily of chickpeas, hummus is high in protein and fiber. Thus, recipes using hummus and guacamole brands make a relatively nutritious combination; the only drawback is the relatively high amount of sodium that is contained in some guacamole brands. Some might also contend that hummus is a little high in calories, since one table spoon of hummus contains around 25 calories. However, that is nothing for people who live even moderately active lives.

People who are looking for condiments and dip recipes that are tasty, and also contain some nutritious ingredients might consider trying the top hummus, salsa, and guacamole brands. In fact, the different flavors and recipes of hummus, guacamole, and salsa provide variations that anyone can appreciate. Whether its spicy fresh guacamole, tahini hummus dip, roasted garlic dip, chances are that their are some excellent hummus and guacamole brands that you will enjoy. References.

The Advantages of Urgent Care Facilities

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Urgent care portland

Although urgent care centers began popping up during the 1970s, they have experienced their most rapid growth over the last decade. Urgent care facilities, like urgent care Portland Oregon, are an excellent alternative to emergency rooms for people with urgent, but less critical, injuries and illnesses. Unbeknownst to many people, urgent care facilities offer a variety of services that range from bone fractures and sprains to flu shots and Std testing portland.

While urgent care Portland Oregon has become a lot more popular in recent years, most people still continue to seek out care in emergency rooms, even when they would be better served by the medical professionals at urgent care Portland or urgent care Beaverton. While this may seem puzzling, this tendency can most likely be attributed to habit, as opposed to a preference for quality, as urgent care centers offer several advantages over emergency room care.

One of the most obvious advantages of forgoing an emergency room in favor of urgent care Portland, is the reduced wait time. While less critically injured or ill patients often find themselves sitting for hours waiting for care to be administered in an emergency room, 80 percent of urgent care patients are seen within 20 minutes. Even during the busiest times, patients of urgent care Portland Oregon will be seen within the hour. Furthermore, chances are that a doctor Portland will be on staff about two thirds of the time. As for the rest of the staff, Urgent care facilities are staffed by an assortment of nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, registered nurses, and physicians.

Obviously, the reduced wait time offered by urgent care facilities is a significant perk of urgent care portland oregon, its affordability might be its biggest advantage to most patients. For instance, when folks visit urgent care Portland Oregon, the cost can be as little as 10 percent of the cost of the average emergency room visit. This has made urgent care Portland Oregon the preference for people who do not have health insurance; and as we know, there are still many such people in the United States.

Urgent care facilities were originally designed to reduce overcrowding in emergency rooms, and to provide high quality immediate care to patients with less critical injuries or illnesses. That being said, the typical urgent care centers of today offer X rays and lab testing, in addition to vaccinations, physicals, and STD testing. As such, urgent care Portland Oregon provides top notch, immediate medical care for most injuries and illnesses that are not life threatening.

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Dealing with IRS Debt

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Tax lawyer irs

The first federal income tax was part of the 1861 Revenue Act, and was originally intended to fund wars. After the war ended, though, the government realized they still wanted money. Many people this year will experience trouble with the IRS. This is not surprising given that tax law can be extraordinarily complicated. Most people do not intentionally not pay the IRS enough money, they simply do not realize they have committed errors on their taxes.

If you are struggling with the IRS, you should considering hiring IRS lawyers to represent you. For people dealing with debt they have trouble repaying, it can seem difficult to pay for IRS lawyers when there is already so much to deal with. An Irs tax lawyer, though, can be a huge asset in a tax case. Sometimes you might save as much as hundreds of dollars by using the assistance of an income tax lawyer.

Did you know that a tax levy is when the IRS can seize property in order to satisfy a tax liability? They do not have to go to court but operate under statutory authority. They are required, however, to give you 30 days notice. When that happens, you can bring the issue to court and, with the help of IRS lawyers, potentially work out a repayment plan that will prevent your property from being seized. An Irs debt tax lawyer can also assist you with wage garnishment problems.

Designing Beautiful Custom Closets

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Custom closets

Almost everyone uses a closet to organize their clothes, shoes and various other accessories that they do not want readily seen out in the open. However, some people do not make the most of their closets as they simply stash things in there without considering accessories and items that can help improve the quality of space within. Those interested in creating custom closets with the intention of harboring more items than ever before should consider looking into closet organizer systems and closet shelving systems that will help them achieve their desired results. Designing your own custom closets can actually be a lot of fun and is a welcomed project by many as they know it will make their lives easier in the end.

Closet organization systems are something everyone should consider putting into their custom closets. These closet storage systems maximize the space within your closet and allow you to store clothing and accessories neatly and easily. There are various DIY closet systems out there that can be purchased at an affordable rate and assembled with no further assistance. The closet systems that will help the most will all boil down to personal preferences, but there is no question that any one of these systems will help with the organization of your custom closets.

Homeowners that have spare bedrooms with empty closets may want to consider putting a folding wall bed within. These folding beds take up very little space and are not out in the open unless they are being used. This is a great asset for anyone that has guests over frequently and wants them to have a comfortable sleeping experience. You can really do anything you want with your custom closets which are why they can be so enjoyable to create. Take some time to research the various accessories that will benefit your custom closets and further create more space and luxury within.

The internet is a good spot to research all there is to know about creating your own custom closets. Here you can find, research and even purchase the best closet systems out there that will help you achieve what you are looking to accomplish. Take a look at product reviews and images as these will help you in making your final decision. Stop wasting valuable space within your closets and get better organized with quality shelving and organizer systems. Think about all you are looking to achieve when creating your custom closets for best results.