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Iraqi Dinar Worth the Investment?

Written by Channel 8 News Reno. Posted in Buy dinar, Buying iraqi dinar, Dinar trading

Iraqi dinar exchange rate

If someone asked you if there was money to be made with Iraqi investments, what would your initial response be? A resounding heck no, right? Well, you might be correct, but you might also have to consider a few things, too. I will tell you why below.

Iraq, which we all now has been in political and military upheaval for decades, is slowly beginning to see more prolific days. Following the reign of Saddam Hussein and the tumult of the Gulf Wars, Iraq is just starting to be rebuilt, and subsequently, there are a few business opportunities to be had. In 2012, for example, Iraq imported more than $19 million worth of goods and services from the United States alone.

What types of goods and services you ask? Well, as the nation continues to recover and rebuild from the more than 30 years of strife, new