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No Matter Your Schedule, News That Northern Nevadans Can Rely On

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Not everything happens in Vegas. And when it happens in Northern Nevada, local residents have a news channel they can turn to in news channel 8 Reno NV. With the local news, sports, and entertainment,as well as weather and transportation information delivered consistently throughout the day, Reno citizens have a one stop destination for all the newsworthy items they need as they go about their daily routine.

An ABC affiliate, KOLO channel 8 news Reno offers programming multiple times a day, with their two hour Good Morning Reno show at 5 AM, a midday program at 11 AM, two after work news segments beginning at 5 PM, and a day capping show at 11 pm. No matter what your schedule is, you can tune in at the time that is most convenient to you and get all the pertinent facts you need. In addition to its regularly scheduled on air programming, Reno channel 8 broadcasts a twice weekly traffic show called The Road Ahead with RTC, which offers area citizens the latest news and discussion det

What do You Know About Security and Compliance? Three Facts About Card Processing

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Small business merchant services

Did you know that US ecommerce sales hit 289 billion dollars in 2012? There are a lot of people buying products online, and there will only be an increasing number of sales occurring through websites over the next several months and years.

For your company, it is important that you can deal with customers professionally during payment processing. This means quick, easy, and safe processing solutions. If you are looking for card processing services, here are three things you should keep in mind.

1. Security and Regulation Compliance

Did you know that PCI, or Payment Card Industry, compliance rules ensure that payment processing is safe and secure for consumers? Ideally, your company will have in house PCI compliance in order to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Also know what r

Several Things You Should Know If You Are Going Through a Divorce

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Questions to ask a divorce lawyer

No divorce is truly simple. This goes double for a divorce where there are children in the marriage. Not all families are going to need child custody lawyers, but it is an unfortunate fact that many will. America has become a common place for high divorce rates. For first marriages the divorce rate is actually around 41%!

If this is your first divorce and you must be a statistic, then at least attempt to file for divorce in some month other than February. Most divorce filings end up being made during this month. I suppose there is something about Valentines Day that makes people really reconsider their marriages.

If you are looking for some validation as to why your marriage fell apart, could it be because you shared in the housework with your wife? A Norwegian study in 2012 showed that

Why is Electricity and Plumbing Important?

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Ac compressor replacement

Imagine a world without heating and plumbing systems. You would sit in your living room, sweating from the sickly summer heat and, in the winter, you would wear five sweaters with two blankets draped over your shoulders and still feel like you just got back in the house from playing in the snow. Taking a shower would be out of the question. Maybe you could fill up your bathtub with cartons of spring water or just dump them unceremoniously on top of your head. Anything to stay clean.

Luckily, thanks to electricity (a word describing all of the things that happen when electric charge is flowing around) and plumbing, you do not have to think about it too much.

Unlike Roman Emperor Elagabalus, who got desperate without electricity in the sticky, 3rd Century summer heat, you do not have to send thousan

Online People Finders

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In one common slang term, when someone sets out to find 411, they are gathering information. The term originated because traditionally the numbers 411 could be dialed on a telephone to reach an operator who could provide directory information such as the street addresses and phone numbers of people or businesses. The advancement of technology has led to 411 online as well.

There are websites where you can find people 411 style. Internet users can search 411 directory information by entering the first and last name of the person they are looking for. Some of these type of websites are called people finders. The more information that you have about a person, the easier they are to find online. For example, if you know someones approximate age, or at least one of the states that he or she lived in, it can help to narrow down a search considerably.

Many different people finder type of websites are available. Most of them

Considering a Career in Human Resources?

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Human resource solution

Careers in human resource management give people numerous responsibilities including payroll, benefits administration, absence, and scheduling management. Human resources, or HR, is a way to enhance employee value through listening and responding to employees as well as managing transformation and change. Although in the past popular media has portrayed HR managers as nags because they enforce company policies and regulations, careers in human resource management have been considered to be one of the top careers for years.

Human resource positions generally have good job security, high pay, and room for advancement. While the mission of HR management is to administer training and track employee development, they are also responsible for employees from the time they are hired until the time they re

Managed Security Solutions

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Data storage management

Managed security solutions and business analytics consulting can help your business gather the information it needs while keeping it and your analysis safe from prying eyes. Information and speed are critical to the success of many businesses, so anything you can do to help you gather more of it faster, analyze it, and keep your findings and ideas safe from your competitors will help you and your business prosper. This type of intelligence can help you identify and capitalize on new opportunities. Enterprise risk management (ERM) can help you avoid economic traps. ERM is growing to manage risks in a wide range of businesses and complex organizations. There are several ERM standards developed by different professional organizations to help standardize your RM process. Having a disaster recovery pl

Invest in the Right Property and Reap Lucrative Benefits

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Douglas e. fleit

Commercial property typically consists of buildings like office buildings, medical centers, hotels, retail stores, farm land, multifamily housing, garages, and ware houses. This being said, buying or investing in commercial real estate can prove to be incredibly lucrative. Mostly because commercial buildings are usually experiencing a high volume of use. However, making a smart commercial property investment requires some guidance and an exceptional realtor.

In the world of investing, the main components typically consist of cash inflows and outflows, the timing of these cash flows, and the risk involved with your investment. Analyzing and understanding all these elements correctly is imperative to your investment success. Luckily, there are professionals out there with decades of experience to guide and f

Fix Your Teeth and Smile All Year Long

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Kansas city pediatric dentist

We start to develop our primary teeth in the womb. Often times as early as 6 weeks after conception. They are such a fundamental part of our everyday lives that it is imperative to keep them in good shape. Many people are realizing the importance of dentistry and working towards better dental health everyday. The majority of us visit the dentist often, around 79% of children ages 2 to 17 made a visit to the dentist last year alone.

However, many of us did not always have the luxury of visiting the dentist regularly. With this being true, several adults suffer from tooth loss. Lacking confidence in your smile can cause anyone to become withdrawn during social situations. This can take a huge toll on your mood, and often times leave you depressed. Luckily, there are options for those of us that h

C. H. Smith Appliance in Portsmouth Virginia

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C. H. Smith Appliance

3800 King Street

Portsmouth, Virginia 23707


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Our exceptionally experienced staff has been selling and servicing appliances to the South Hampton Roads area for 40 years. We carry a large selection of kitchen appliances and laundry appliances. Including refrigerators, ovens, ranges, freezers, cooktops, microwaves, hoods, washers, dryers. Proudly serving South Hampton Roads, we enjoy helping our clients. Whether you call us, visit us online or in store, we will be sure to make your needs a priority.