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Is Your Company Ready for the Digitization of Business?

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SandHill recently conducted a survey of 500 IT decision makers which found that around 50 percent of respondents said that business agility was a primary reason for using cloud applications. There are no better agents of agility than laptop scanners.

The world is becoming digitized. Look around, everyday activities, like shopping, which once required us to leave our homes, get into the car and go to the store are no being done online. The same is true for conducting business. Gartner, the analyst firm projects that over 60 percent of workloads will be digitized in the next five years.

As we go through the shift from physical to digital, we will need the hardware to get us there. Devices such as laptop scanners and the Continue Reading 7 Comments

Six Times in Five Years, A Tale of How Not To Move Your Stuff

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Sometimes I find it fun to tell people that me, my husband, and our three cats have moved six times in five years. Inevitably those people will look at me with a strange mixture of horror and pity. I personally look back on all that packing, unpacking, travelling, and shuffling with a strange kind of pride. Moving is hard. What made it even harder was that most of the moving that we have done was without the help of movers. My family and friends have helped us more times than they had any responsibility to, and if not for them I can only imagine the various kinds of pain and frustration my husband and I would have gone through. That is not to say that we did not suffer plenty anyway.

Skinned knees, bruised limbs, strained backs, traumatized cats, and more than one shattered breakable heirloom…these thi

Should You Buy Iraqi Dinar?

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Iraqi dinar rv

There are business opportunities in Iraq. In fact, in 2012, Iraq imported more than $19 million worth of goods and services from the U.S. And as the country rebuilds, there are many new construction, engineering, transportation, and housing projects forecasted to begin during the next three years; that is an expected value of $380 million annually, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.

As such, some financial professionals are predicting that buying Iraqi dinar (which is the Iraqi currency) may be a wise investment move. Other financial professionals are predicting it is just another investment scheme that will not die. Before you ask, how to buy Iraqi dinar, read this.

The iraqi dinar currency value, which was comparable in valu

Find great hummus recipes online

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Recipe for hummus

What is hummus you ask? Hummus is one of the healthiest spreadable foods you can eat and finding unique and easy hummus dip recipes will help you create new and healthy dishes for you and your family to enjoy. Hummus, which is an Arabic word for chickpeas, is high in vitamin C and iron. It also has significant amounts of folate and B6. So, when you put hummus spread it on a cracker, or put a dollop of roasted garlic hummus dip or roasted red pepper hummus dip in your soup, you can feel good about your food choices. Not to mention the fact that hummus, which can be made into spicy hummus dip or as a sweet or savory veggie dip can please any picky palette.

The chickpea was first cultivated by the Phoenicians around 7,000 years ago. Since then, people around the world have been dining on this ancient delicacy