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How Are TV News Stations Keeping Up With YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook?

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People are not getting news like they used to. Today news is immediate, online, and interactive. But that does not mean that the days of watching news broadcasts on television is coming to an end.

News stations are working harder than ever to seamlessly introduce television broadcasts to the web. Channel 8 Reno NV is one of the stations rising to the challenge, shaping its content and broadcasts to better meet modern needs. How?

Embracing the Web, Particularly Video

Just because more and more people are going online for their news does not mean that they are missing television news broadcasts. In fact, news channels like Reno Channel 8 are bringing news directly to the people. And, if people are online, that means they are too. Stations post specific segments or clips of news broadcasts on the internet, with or without written content. This allows viewers to stream videos online and watch the same broadcasts at their own convenience.

Encouraging Television