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Restoring Antique Furniture Isn’t for Everyone

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Antiques have always been in high demand, but it can be argued that Pinterest has done for antiques what Twitter did for Justin Beiber. Antiques have never been bigger, and antique auctions have never been better attended. Within the last decade, retail sales of antique furniture have gone up 450%, and old memorabilia has become essential to home decor.

Obtaining antiques and vintage collectibles at public auctions and estate sales may be easier than ever, but restoring that furniture remains difficult. Though there are pages and pages of pins that walk readers through the process of restoring or upcycling items found at antique auctions, it’s often best to get the input of a pro before making any major changes. The technical definition of antique furniture is any piece made at least 100 years before purchase

Attracting Increased Traffic with a Web Redesign

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The Pew Research Center found that over 50 percent of tablet and mobile users prefer to read news via the mobile web instead of inside a dedicated app. That preference might partially be based on their website designs and the efficiency with which you can load a mobile site. Regardless of the sites purpose or look and feel, top web design can improve readership, visitor conversions and your general online marketing success.

Finding the right web design and and internet marketing agencies can help you increase your chances of being found in search engines