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Why Urgent Care Centers May Be a Better Option Than Emergency Rooms

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Local urgent care

If you need to receive medical attention right away, but your condition is fatal, an urgent care facility is likely the best option. These urgent medical care centers are based in local communities and can also provide nearby residents with pain medications or antibiotics as well as a diagnosis in one convenient evaluation. In fact, you may be able to get your prescription filled while there at the walk in clinic.

But what are some of the benefits to visiting an urgent care facility as opposed to a hospital with emergency room equipment? For one, the location may be more accessible, especially if you do not live in a city. Three out of four American urgent care centers are situated in the suburb

The Helpful Benefits of Urgent Care

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Urgent care denver co

Did you know that 48% of adult ER patients are not actually sick enough to be admitted to the hospital? Emergency room crowding is a growing concern in the United States, so urgent care centers have emerged as a viable alternative to the ER. In fact, approximately three million Americans visit urgent care every week. Since urgent care facilities offer immediate care for a wide variety of health issues, they are becoming a popular way to receive medical treatment.

Urgent care centers are equipped to treat many minor conditions, including lacerations, burns, sprains, upper respiratory illnesses, concussions, and broken bones. Although urgent care facilities typically focus on evaluating