A Brief History of Air Conditioning

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Since people have been on this planet we’ve been trying to find ways to make ourselves more comfortable; just look at all the comfy things we have to sit and lay on. Not only do we try to mold our services to better suit our comfort but so too do we try to manipulate the temperature of our environment. This isn’t anything new. In the third century, Emperor Elagabalus of the Roman Empire sent one thousand of his slaves into the mountains to help cool his gardens. Luckily, we’ve reached a point in many parts of the world where such extremes don’t need to be gone to. This demonstrates our love of comfort and why air conditioner repairs are a lucrative part of modern economies.

Michael Faraday, a British scientist, invented the first air conditioner in 1820. He used compressed liquid ammonia to chill the air. It did so as it evaporated. On the flip side, a fellow by the name of Franz San Galli invented the radiator in 1850 which plays a large part in central air heaters to this day. A hundred years later over a million air conditioners were sold in their more recognizable, more modern form. It was around this same time that the British academic S.F. Markham commented that, “the greatest contribution to civilization in this century may well be air conditioning”. The fellow may have been over exaggerating just a bit but the fact is the air conditioner is often thought of as essential to our daily lives.

With that being the case it isn’t surprising that many are able to make a living doing air conditioner repairs. Air conditioner repair finds a need in most if not all parts of the world. After all, when you heat or cool air to your taste you’re conditioning it. No matter where you are you’re doing one of the two at some point. This fact keeps air conditioner services and air conditioner repairing services in business year round. No matter what the air conditioner repair cost, which quite usually isn’t terribly high, people will pay it because they want to be comfortable. Links like this. Helpful links.