Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes, Hire the Right Salespeople The First Time

Written by Channel 8 News Reno. Posted in Best sales people, Executive recruiting firm, Hire sales reps

Sales recruitment

Few people are cut out for sales. A lot of companies waste valuable time and resources looking for these select few. Recruiting, interviewing, and training take time away from what is at the heart of the company, sales. Stay sales minded, and stay on top of company goals. How are more sales companies bringing their focus back to what is important, and hiring the right sales people?

Putting Communication First

No matter how you cut it, strong communication skills are a must in all sales reps. A career in sales is likely to flop if reps do not master written and verbal communication skills, and it helps if they bring them to the table from the start.

Looking for Multifaceted Skill Sets

Communication is big, but it is not the only skill to look for in competent salespeople. Strong research skills are necessary to gain knowledge about the clients, and understand what they want. Being able to accurately research client needs will help sales agents go far.

Getting Help

Hiring the wrong person can cost the company anywhere from six to 10 times that same employee salary. Sales companies do not have the time or assets to make hiring mistakes again and again. Companies with limited time benefit from outsourcing, or hiring executive recruiting firms. Executive recruiting firms have an arsenal of top sales contacts, and they weed out the best candidates for employment so sales companies do not have to.

Keep your focus where it belongs, on your sales. Know what to look for, and let recruitment agencies help you do the rest.