BYOD Policies Promote Flexibility and Security

Written by Channel 8 News Reno. Posted in Android management, Android security model

Android device management

The number of mobile devices owned by employees such as smartphones and tablets that are utilized in a professional capacity, will more than double by the year 2014, reaching approximately 350 million as compared to about 150 million in 2013. Right now, global mobile traffics makes up one tenth of all internet traffic worldwide. Many mobile devices require android management services, necessitating that many companies to use mobile device management systems and MDM software. The good news is that this technological shift should increase employee productivity by an estimated 20 percent. This is because BYOD initiatives requiring android management and an android security model create flexible workplaces, providing employees access to needed documents and communications at any time and any place.

The accessibility of cloud computing utilized in mobile device management facilitates an easy integration between mobile devices and enterprise systems. A cloud based BYOD initiative streamlines documentation allowing for more fluid access to information. As well, cloud based device management applications like android device management help provide visibility and control for android in the enterprise type scenarios. By breaking down the barriers between the workplace and other areas of life, workers are given the freedom they need to attend to personal duties while still being connected to work. As 70 percent of smartphone owners often check work email outside of ordinary business hours, this type of flexibility facilitated by android management BYOD policies is a win win for both management and employees.

One of the biggest obstacles to the mainstreaming of BYOD policies and android management initiatives is organizational fear of security breaches. However, mobile device management, and specifically android management does have its own advantages in regards to workplace security. Should an employee lose or be robbed of his mobile device, the android management system can dump sensitive data from the phone right away, making sure it does not fall into the wrong hands. What is even better is that this can be taken care of remotely. Therefore, mobile device management is not really any less safe than traditional policies related to sensitive paper documents, and in fact, mobile device management may be even more secure than old school paper policies as long as an effective system is in place.