Top Five Interesting Facts Everyone Should Know About Rustic Home Decor

Written by Channel 8 News Reno. Posted in Barn wood bedroom furniture, Decorative electrical outlet covers, Rustic living room furniture sets

Assorted log beds to choose from

Whether you want to live in a little log home on the prairie, or you just want to bring a little bit of the 1800s into your home, rustic home furnishings are the way to go. Not only are they timeless, they are also comfortable and beautiful. Here are a few interesting facts that you should know before you begin your rustic cedar log furniture shopping.

1. In spite of the fact that the log cabins that are built today are built specifically for comfort and luxury, the design was originally meant to display the hardships of the Northern American Frontier in the 1800s. What has evolved into a host of rustic living room furniture sets, originated because logs were one of the very few building materials available at the time.

2. Did you know that the original design of the log cabin did not conta