Crane Safety Courses

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Wire rope slings

There really is nothing new about cranes because they have been used to lift heavy things since antiquity. As a matter of fact, the Ancient Greeks utilized donkeys and men to power certain types of cranes. Today, sophisticated technology is found in a variety of cranes, and crane safety is a top priority. Crane safety courses can be easily found online by doing some research. During the Industrial Revolution, cranes powered by steam grew in popularity. There are different types of slings that are used with cranes. For example, chain slings and wire rope slings are commonly used for lifting heavy items.

Chain slings are commonly used for rough and high demanding operations. Steel mills and foundries often use chain slings to maintain crane safety. Lifting chains may involve shackles, quick links, or eye bolts. A crane safety course will teach people how to remain safe in the material handling industry. There is roughly 40,000 crane operators in America alone, according to a study done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Today’s technology and innovative equipment provides a much more powerful crane than cranes in the past. Therefore, crane safety is extremely important because there are a lot of things that can go wrong if the proper safety measures are not in place.