Why Use Copper to Build a Home Distiller?

Written by Channel 8 News Reno. Posted in Home distilling supplies, How to distill whiskey at home, Moonshine still parts

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Back in the era of Prohibition when alcohol was illegal, the process of crafting Moonshine was extremely popular in the United States. Moonshiners used to use high powered vehicles to out run law enforcement with their product, which actually led to the creation of NASCAR, believe it or not. Nowadays, Moonshining is a popular hobby that many enjoy, and is even a tradition in many families.

Making your own moonshine is a creative, cost effective way to craft unique kinds of whiskey. There are tons of different recipes to choose from to create the perfect flavor and quality. There are even spice kits and home whiskey kits that can be used to create a specific flavor, like apple pie.

Of course, before you get into crafting your own fine brand of whiskey, you’ll need to Continue Reading