Feeling Guilty and At a Loss? Struggling with Crippling Tax Debt?

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If you have not seen “Stranger Than Fiction” yet (you should! …and, well, spoiler alert), the movie features an obsessive compulsive IRS agent who audits and falls in love with a small business owner.

Unfortunately, real life is not like the movies. Your IRS agent is not going to be Will Ferrell, and the very last thing you can expect from the IRS is any sort of romance.

The reality of the situation is much bleaker. Real life is not a comedy, and overdue taxes and crippling debt is going to eat away at you until you do something about it. So what can you do, and where should you start?

Forgive Yourself

At the risk of sounding too zen, the first step of contending with a large amount of tax debt is giving yourself a break.

Most tax debtors are riddled with shame and guilt and