Why Are Urgent Care Visits Becoming so Popular among Americans?

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When you are in need of immediate health care, there are medical centers that can save you more time and money in comparison to a traditional hospital emergency room or your regular primary care physician. While there is no substitution for a visit to the emergency room for very serious illnesses and injuries, urgent medical care centers can often provide the same treatment for less serious ailments. Employing approximately 129,043 U.S. employees, urgent care centers typically provide immediate healthcare for non life threatening ailments. It is estimated that 35 percent of emergency room visits in the United States could have been resolved faster,

Urgent Care Centers Help Ease the Burden on the Hospital ER

Written by Channel 8 News Reno. Posted in 24 hour urgent care scottsdale, Phoenix urgent care, Std testing scottsdale

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The Center for Disease Control reports that 48 percent ER patients that are adults are not hurt or sick enough for admittance. Most patients going to the ER say they go because they could not see their own doctor because the doctor’s office they go to was not open. That is because only about 29 percent of all primary care doctors will see patients after office hours. All of the people going to the ER for non emergency reasons really puts a heavy load on hospital emergency rooms.

The actual number of people going to the ER each year is about 110 million. The urgent care centers began as an answer to the problem of over burdened emergency rooms in the 1970s. Ever since then the number of urgent care centers has skyrocketed. If you live in Phoenix, you can go to the north Phoenix medical clinic. Phoenix urgent care is also a place to go if you want Std testing phoenix.

There are at least one physician available at all times at 65 percent of the urgent care centers. The rest of the staff is going to be a mix of nurse practitioners and assistants. However, you can go to a north Phoenix medical clinic and see a doctor. The usual wait time is only about 15 minutes and you do not need an appointment to go to a clinic that provides 24 hour urgent care Phoenix. If you have a child that needs urgent care after office hours, do not forget that you can take them to a center for pediatric urgent care Phoenix.

People who go to the north Phoenix medical clinic for non life threatening illnesses receive quality medical care. Patients who are given prescriptions can have their prescriptions filled at the north Phoenix medical clinic. If you do not want your prescription filled a the north Phoenix urgent care clinic you can go to a local pharmacy. Once the doctor exams you, the proper care is given, and then you are asked to follow up by going to see your primary care doctor the next day. The next time you need to urgent care, go to north Phoenix urgent care clinic and leave the ER for people who really need emergency medical care
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