Do not wait until storm season has passed

Written by Channel 8 News Reno. Posted in Catch basin filter, Storm drainage, Triton catch basin insert

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A proper stormwater drainage system could be the perfect thing for anyone that wants to keep their home, office building and grounds safe from the immense damage that a storm and rainwater can cause. Aside from washing away soil and flowers, there are also a number of organic water pollutants that high quality stormwater filters could catch. Some of these pollutants include food processing waste like grease and fats, detergents, industrial solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, herbicides and insecticides, vegetative debris, and chemicals from personal care and hygiene products. A modern stormwater drainage system could filter each of these out before they do damage.

A state of the art stormwater drainage system could deal with groundwater pollution, which is often more difficult to deal with than surface pollution. The reason for this is because it can travel a long distance through aquifers that are otherwise unseen. With certain stormwater drainage components, like a catch basin insert, these harmful elements can be trapped early on.

Whether people believe it or not, domestic sewage is actually not something that a modern stormwater drainage system would target, since 99.9 percent of it is actually pure water. Only 0.1 percent of it consists of pollutants. Stormwater management companies can make sure that their clients are prepared for “point source water pollution,” which are contaminants that have entered a waterway from a sole, identifiable source, like a ditch or pipe.

The health of a particular waterway, as well as its fauna and flora, can be accurately determined by a combination of biological, chemical and physical assessments. Stormwater drainage experts can help to conduct these tests. If it is shown that pollution is taking place, a stormwater pollution prevention system can easily be put in place. Without proper stormwater drainage, it might not be long before a home or business owners sees the harmful effects of it in their plants, trees and grass.