How are Wire Clamps Used? Three Important Facts about Hose Clamps

Written by Channel 8 News Reno. Posted in Hose clamp, Large hose clamps

Stainless hose clamps

Did you know that large hose clamps are used to attach a hose to a fitting? There are many various types of hose clamps, and they have been used in many different applications throughout industry. Here are three types of hose clamps you should be familiar with.

1. The Screw and Band Clamp

Screw and band clamps are made out of stainless steel, into which a screw pattern has been cut. Then, the clamp is placed around the hose, with the loose end feeding into the space between band and screw. The screw is then turned, pulling the band threads and causing the band to either tighten or become more loose if it is screwed in the opposite direction. These clamps are often used in domestic wastewater plumbing, and it was invented by an ex Royal Navy Commander in 1921.

2. Spring Clamps

Spring clamps are made from a spring steel strip that has been cut in order to have a centered narrow protrusion on one end. The other side, meanwhile, has a set of several narrow protrusions. In some ways, it represents a horned rib eye. In order to use the spring clamp, the ends of the protrusions need to be bent so that the strip can form into a ring. At this point, the clamp will be slid onto the hose, until the clamp is released in order to compress the hose against the barb. Spring clamps are not used for high pressure systems or large hoses because of their inability to generate high levels of force, and they are often used for automotive fuel lines.

Wire Clamps

Wire clamps are fairly simplistic stainless hose clamps. They consist only of a piece of heavy wire, which is usually steel. It is first bent into a U, then used to create a ring shape with overlapping ends. On one end is placed a captive nut, while the other end receives a captive screw. This way, when the screw is tightened, the overlapping ends are pushed, which tightens the wire loop placed around the hose. An example of where this would be used in industrial applications is for automotive vacuum hoses.

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