How to Distinguish Effective Teen Rehab Programs From Less Effective Centers

Written by Channel 8 News Reno. Posted in Drug addiction rehab, Drug rehab for teenagers

Drug rehab programs

Parents who have children with drug problems have a difficult time choosing treatment options, because there’s no FDA that regulates behavioral treatments. Many teen treatment programs don’t have researched evidence for their effectiveness. However, that’s not to say that drug rehab for teens is ineffective. There are many rehab facilities with a track record for success. The problem is distinguishing these successful centers from the less effective ones.

In order to find successful drug rehab for teens, it’s important for parents to ask the facilities’ staff and treatment program. The first of which is whether the drug rehab for teens program is licensed by the state. It’s important to ask this, because not only is it illegal to operate without a license, but also because licensure could prove accreditation. You can even call the accreditation organization to see if the drug rehab for teens program is still in good standing.

Secondly, it’s important to know about the staff-to-client ratio. If it’s too low, a child may not get the attention he or she needs. Before choosing a program, a parent should know how many hours per week, and what type of individualized help the teen will get with his or her counselor.

Drug rehab for teens should also be staffed with knowledgable, educated, experienced people who enjoy working with adolescents. Parents should also feel comfortable leaving their teens there, too, which makes getting to know the staff a bit another important part of the research process.

Lastly, every teen experiences things differently based on a number of factors, like age, gender, culture, disabilities, sexual orientation, etc. Drug rehab for teens should account for the different experiences based on gender, educational needs based on age, and culturally appropriate services based on sexual orientation.

Asking these questions will help parents find an appropriate program for their teens, and get them on the road to recovery. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.