Need More Celeb Dish? Just Head on Over Online

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Online entertainment

Have you ever been to Entertainment Weekly online? Maybe that is why you have been feeling so glum lately. You have not exposed yourself to some of the best entertainment news in the industry. Rather than sitting through the depressing news every evening about what country is attacking another country, or the debt ceiling, or the government shutting down, just turn off the TV, and turn on your computer.

  • Entertainment News Online
  • The internet is an unending resource for online entertainment news. You will never run out of stories about the latest dish, about who is dating whom, who broke up with whom, who proposed, who had what baby, and so much more! And even if you find repeat stories on different sites, you will always get a different write-up and point of view for each story.

    You can find countless personal blogs online detailing all of those latest tiffs, snafus, cat-fights, break-ups and more. But, if you want the top quality stories, you should be going to the professionals for their content first and foremost.

  • Entertainment Weekly online

  • Entertainment Weekly online
    is one of the two places that you should be visiting. The organization is best known for its consumer guide to popular culture, movies, music, book reviews, and even the occasional video game or stage review. It is sometimes touted as the “post modern Farmers’ Almanac” It has been around since February of 1990, and has a weekly circulation of 1.7 copies of its physical issues every week.

  • Entertainment Tonight online
  • Entertainment Tonight is the longest-running entertainment news broadcast program out there today. Its first broadcast was in September all the way back in 1981, and was actually the first syndicated program to be distributed via satellite. It is a daily show, so that means there is regular content on there all of the time, as they need enough to fill their shows on a daily basis.

Whichever you choose (or choose both!), you can be assured that you are getting the best in entertainment news. If you need the latest dish, or the regular news is just too morose, or you just need a good pick-me-up, head over to the best entertainment news sources online.