Pink Camo Purses Are In Style This Season!

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Urban camouflage clothing

Camouflage attire has been around for quite awhile. Having first been developed by the French, camouflage clothing was initially used within a military capacity during World War I. The British Army was the first to fully adopt camouflage as a uniform when two British Napoleonic War fighting units wore green camo rifle jackets. The modern military camouflage of today owes something as well to the avant garde cubist movement spearheaded by Pablo Picasso in the early 1900s.

In recent times, camouflage has crossed over from its association with the military to being its own fashion statement sans political and militaristic messaging. People wear camouflage now because they its appearance. This makes a lot of sense hen you think about how camouflage mimics certain animal adaptations in the wild.

Some camouflage mimics the broken shapes of
light that shines through trees, for example, the dappled markings on giraffes. Some camouflage is similar to the squid, a sea creature that is capable of changing color as a means of blending in with new surroundings. Also, there are camouflage garments that look like zebra stripes, which may seem easy to see when a zebra is still, but when the zebra moves, its outline blurs, causing its predators much confusion.

There are a couple of different kinds of camouflage including color changing, counter shading, and disruptive coloration. The most common type of camouflage is background matching. However, all of these versions have been mimicked in a number of fashionable apparel items like camo wedding shoes and camo formal dresses. Particularly popular amongst fashion items trending right now are pink camouflage purses.

Pink camouflage purses come in many different shades, sizes, and styles. There are dark pink camouflage purses and light pink camouflage purses. There are large pink camouflage purses and brims, tiny pink camouflage purses that can only fit a cell phone and a lipstick. There are pink camouflage purses made out of wool, velvet, felt, silk, corduroy, and flannel. As we move towards spring, pink camouflage purses could make excellent birthday presents for those ladies celebrating their big day during the months of March, April, May and June. As well, pink camouflage purses make great mother’s day gifts. You can even give your wife or lady friend pink camouflage purses just to say, “I love you.” Pink camouflage purses are a must have this season, so buy one today for a special woman in your life!