Quiet Dishwashers Mean More Conversation Five Kitchen Trends for 2014

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Did you know that the first microwave oven cost $3,000? That was back in 1947. Luckily, the cost of many common appliances has since gone down, and renovating and upgrading your kitchen doesn’t have to kill your bank account. What are Americans looking for in kitchens as we cook ourselves toward 2014? Here are five interesting trends in kitchen decor and design, that you should be aware of.

1. White and Black Appliances are Out

Although bright colors like blue and red are currently popular in Europe for appliances, America has been stuck on stainless steel for a few years now. No matter what, it’s usually the most sound investment for your money. Stainless steel dishwashers and other appliances blend in seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen for a thoroughly modern look.

2. Solid Hardwood Flooring

Laminate or hardwood? The choice is easy once you keep in mind resale value. Laminate has the advantage of being up to 50% cheaper; however, it lacks the warm, rich appearance of hardwood, and is more difficult to repair if scratches or dents occur.

3. Decorative Wall Tiles

Incorporate interesting patterns and textures into your kitchen with decorative wall tiles. Porcelain and ceramic are the usual choices; porcelain will generally be more expensive because it takes longer to produce, and dries harder and denser than ceramic does. Look for tiles that will compliment the surrounding wall color well; typically a backsplash will rise one to two feet above your countertop.

4. Quiet Dishwashers Allow for More Conversation

Entertaining guests for extended periods of time in the kitchen has been an ongoing trend in American life. More formal dining areas are falling out of favor as families and friends congregate around the kitchen and its offerings of food, open design, and casual setup. A result of this is that many homeowners are placing greater importance on the sounds their appliances make. it is no surprise that quiet dishwashers are an “in” trend for 2014.

5. Side by Side Double Ovens

Double ovens were popular, but the bigger trend in kitchen ovens right now is to simply have two side by side. Not only is the design unobtrusive, but it also means that if one oven needs to be repaired or cleaned, the other can still be used.

What kitchen design trends are you intrigued by? More.