Reasons to Learn to Make Pottery

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A pottery wheel

The potter’s wheel, which greatly revolutionized the production of pottery, was invented in Mesopotamia some time between 6,000 and 4,000 BCE. Today, a pottery wheel is one of the most important components of pottery production, used in conjunction with a kiln, pottery tools and supplies.

There are three major types of pottery: earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. Interestingly, pottery made from earthenwares are normally fired in a kiln at temperatures anywhere from 1,830 degrees fahrenheit to 2,190 degrees fahrenheit. Depending on the material used to make pottery, the potter may decorate the body before or after firing it in a kiln.

A clay pot, for example, can be decorated before or after firing. There are a bevy of decorative options for pottery, including adding things such as sand or grog to give the pot a rugged texture. The more advanced a potter is, the more he or she is able to do with the pottery he or she creates.

A big part of the history of pottery is actually prehistoric. Many pre-literate cultures actually engaged in creating pottery. Somewhat interestingly, pottery can be made from a number of different things and decorated with glazes and other additives like paint.

All it really takes to create pottery is pottery supplies, a pottery kiln and a pottery wheel. Making pottery can be a therapeutic and productive hobby, and since pots can be used for a number of different purposes, many people engage in pottery production on a regular basis.

There are even places that teach how to make pottery. Even someone who knows nothing about pottery can find a place to learn the basics. After all, pottery is fairly simple, though it can be made more complex with additives like decorations and glazes. At the end of the day, pottery is a great activity that millions of people are a part of.