Schools Catered to Children with Learning Disabilities

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Schools for adhd

A lack of empathy for members of the community with aspects of autism spectrum disorder and learning disabilities such as attention deficit disorder, ADD, attention deficit hyper activity disorder, ADHD, and dyslexia, has a significant influence on these peoples effectiveness at communal living. For many years, our education system has not catered to children who are out of the normal learning curve. In schools designed for people with these disorders, the teaching will focus more on the specific interests of the child, rather than forcing them to memorize information that they do not find interesting or that they have trouble understanding.

There is some evidence that symptoms of autism, resulting in a diagnosis of Aspbergers syndrome in childhood, may diminish over the years. Up to twenty percent of children once diagnosed with Aspergers, will no longer meet the criteria once they reach adult hood. People with Aspergers syndrome typically try to avoid human contact which results in a lack of social skills. Designing a school for aspergers syndrome is a hope for many caregivers. With the possibility of a less strict curriculum and a greater emphases on self discovery, there is a brighter future for the education system when it comes to learning disabilities.

ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed disorder in children. It is more often found in boys rather than girls. In todays society, in order for a hyper active child to function within the boundaries of normality, it is widely suggested to use medication. Many parents are upset with this, but do not know what to do otherwise because they want their children to succeed. The possibility of a specially designed school for ADHD is a great hope for future generations. If there were schools for ADHD afflicted people, there is a greater possibility that they will be successful human beings and they will be capable of functioning without being on medication.

Having schools for ADHD, schools for dyslexia, and a Aspergers school system, will give the people afficted with these disorders an opportunity to be successful in todays world. There will be a less chance of them failing in a school system that just is not catered to their way of thinking.