The Key to Improving American Public Education

Written by Channel 8 News Reno. Posted in Christian schools, Day school, Private high school

Norfolk private school

The state of American education has obviously been a topic of controversy and debate over the years. To make matters worse, it seems like politicians, school administrators, local and national education departments, teachers, and parents are preoccupied with looking for a scapegoat to blame for poor student performance on state and national standardized tests. While teachers are receiving the bulk of the blame for poor student performance and meaningless tests, the burden of poor student performance falls squarely on those who raise the students, their parents. Regardless of who is to blame, concerned parents with the resources to do so, are choosing to send their children to private day schools, independent schools, and Christian schools in order to get a high quality education.

It is interesting that private day schools, private high schools, and Norfolk private school really do nothing that is cutting edge, yet their students tend to perform better than the average public school student. It makes you wonder why public schools do not try to emulate what private day schools are doing to help their students to be academically successful. The reason that public schools cannot do what private schools and day schools do has to do with one thing, the students and parents that they serve. While the typical private school, day school, or Christian education student does generally benefit from small class size, there is more to it than that, and that brings us back to the question of who is responsible for the overall failure of public schools? If American public education is to improve, parents need to focus on raising respectful children who value education and hard work.