The Top Tools for Business Growth

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Search engine optimization

About 88 percent of internet users ages 14 and over browsed or searched the internet for products in 2012. It is no wonder companies are spending millions on internet marketing strategies. However, you do not have to go bankrupt making your small business more visible to customers on the internet. Some of the best SEO reseller programs are affordable and successful at putting your business above the competition.

If you are not convinced that investing in these search engine optimization companies will be worth your money, consider some of the statistics. It is estimated that around half of the money spent in the U.S. retail sector will be affected by internet marketing and web presence by 2016. Additionally, leads from SEO have a 14.6 percent close rate, which far surpasses the 1.7 percent close rate of outbound leads. The numbers really speak for themselves when it comes to the success of better online marketing using SEO resellers.

If we are being honest with ourselves, we know that we reach for our tablet, computer, or smartphone first when we are trying to find a product or service. As search engine users, 70 percent of the links we click on are organic rather than the sponsored adds. Also, search engine users tend to find what they are looking for on the first page of results, and never bother going to the following pages. This clearly means that if you do not have a highly ranked website using great SEO strategies, your customers will pass right over you.

There are plenty of SEO tips and trick you can use to improve your page rank and overall internet presence, but you will certainly see the best results when you turn to the professionals. White label SEO companies have the most up to date knowledge on ranking algorithms, keyword strategies, social media maintenance tricks, and so much more. As a matter of fact, 28 percent of businesses in 2011 outsourced at least some of their social media marketing.

As a small to medium sized business, it can be hard to keep up with the latest strategies for online marketing. If you are looking to grow your business without spending all day on the computer, begin researching SEO companies in your area. What you see in return will surely be worth the investment. Find more: