Want the News? Do Not Wait for the Paper, Check It Online

Written by Channel 8 News Reno. Posted in Homepage

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When looking for the top news stories of today, what resources do you use? There are plenty of places that you can access breaking news worldwide, but sometimes it may seem as if you have to stretch yourself too thin over a large variety of sites just to get all of those top news stories for today.

But, there is an easier way to collect all of the breaking news in the world into one, convenient location. Two, actually, but the one is certainly more all-encompassing an option. The first, less intensive option for accessing the top news stories of today is just to find a truly informative and well-balanced source that you can rely on for everything. Once you find it, all you need to do is check that site regularly in order to get the most up to date news. And there are tons of different news sites out there that people tout as the best.

I am a fan of NPR, personally. But Fox News has a strong following. You can also read or watch CNN, MsNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, the AP, or any number of the smaller news sites. The options are all there, and they can offer a fairly extensive coverage if you want casual news coverage of the top news stories of today. But, if you want to be able to read news from a variety of sources, but do not want to have to check every single one for updates every half hour, what choice do you have?

With RSS feeds, you can get all of the breaking world news headlines from all of your favorite sites, conglomerated into a single RSS reader. You can subscribe to the feed from each site, and as they post new updates in their news, the feed kicks it over to you, and your reader keeps you updated in real time.

If you install an RSS reader that is an independent program onto your computer, think Microsoft Outlook style, then you can even leave your reader open the entire time you are on your computer. It can remain running in the background and notify you as updates come in. Never again do you need to leave an internet tab open, or log in every few minutes.

If you truly care about the news, you want to be updated as soon as things happen. Those breaking world news headlines could be important to you and you do not want to wait until the evening news broadcast just to hear about them. With RSS feeds of your favorite news, you never need to wait again.