What Are the Top News Stories Today?

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Did you know that least 46% of people get their news about three times a week from an online source? With mobile devices, and more people using the internet during their nine to five workday, it is easier than ever to get the top news stories for today whenever the mood strikes you. It is amazing to think that only a few hundred years ago, if something important happened in your nation, or even somewhere else in the world, it could take anywhere from weeks to months before you learned of it.

Today, if you want breaking news in the world and in the United States, you can know in just seconds when a major new story breaks. That usually means that when bad news happens, we all learn about it very quickly. For example, here are the top world news stories, and headlines for the United States for today, where you can easily see the ratio of good news to bad.

Top US News Stories

Top headlines in the United States this morning address some ongoing issues, and a near miss in Missouri for one man caught in an explosion.

  • There is an ongoing investigation into a dog treat recall.
  • There are still difficulties with new health care website.
  • An alligator was caught at the Chicago Airport.
  • There was an explosion in DeSoto, MO.

Top World News Stories

The top world news stories largely share tragedies or informative updates on ongoing crises.

  • Egypt’s Morsi is on trial.
  • There was a Bolivian airliner crash.
  • An attack in Tienanmen Square is being investigated.
  • Fierce storms in Amsterdam, England, Wales, and Belgium caused damage.

Getting only the breaking world news headlines can skew your impression of the state of things often towards the negative. It is important to realize that good things happen, too, though they rarely get highlighted by top headlines. One exception to this is the rare solar eclipse that recently occurred in parts of Europe, Africa, and the United States. It was widely covered by news agencies, allowing those that missed the eclipse the ability to view some truly stunning images. Staying so closely connected with the pulse of news in the nation and the rest of the world has its ups and downs, so remember to look for good news headlines when you find that the bad are overwhelming.