Why You Should Rethink Snap Judgments About Illegal Immigrants

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A lot of Americans are unforgiving when it comes to illegal immigrants. Many are calling for us to “deport them!” without a second thought.

Before passing snap judgments, however, Americans need to consider some facts about illegal immigrants.

Deportation Means Breaking Up Families

Most conservatives and republicans hold “family values” above all else. It is shocking, then, that these values and lines of thought do not extend to illegal immigrants.

Almost half, up to 45 percent, of illegal immigrant households are comprised of families. It is highly likely, then, that most of these children were born in the United States, making them legal citizens. Another 51 percent of unauthorized immigrants are female and likely, one day, to have American children. That means we have to tread very carefully when writing and putting into place new American immigration laws. Deporting illegal immigrants could literally tear families apart.

Illegal Immigrants Support the Economy

Take a moment to imagine a building held up by pillars. Remove any one of those pillars and the building is going to collapse.

What many people calling for harsh illegal immigration laws do not realize is that illegal immigrants make up a pillar of our economy. The reality of the situation is that an overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants, more than 86 percent, have established lives in the United States and have been calling the U.S. “home” for a minimum of seven years. What does that mean?

In 2010, undocumented immigrants paid up to 11.2 billion dollars in local and state taxes. Whether or not your agree with recent immigration laws, it is hard to argue that local and state governments would be better off with 11 billion dollars less.

There is no denying that the number of immigrants in the U.S. is astounding. In 2010, there were up 39.9 billion foreign born individuals in the United States. What that means, though, is decisions about illegal immigrant laws impact a great deal of people. And writing and passing American immigration laws should not be taken lightly. More research here.