Wyoming Is the Land of Cheap Living

Written by Channel 8 News Reno. Posted in Custom luxury homes, Green home architecture, Log home designs

Bozeman log homes

I recently started looking into luxury log homes. I had no idea that there was even such a thing as luxury log homes until my boss told me that she moved into one herself.

We live in a town called Jackson, whose population is 8,452, while the remaining population in Teton County is about 10,345. I had been thinking about moving as well, but I had been thinking about pursuing something out of state, like around Bozeman, which is in Montana.

I heard that it was one of the fastest growing areas in the sate of Montana, after all. I had also heard that the area around Bozeman, Montana is home to tons of different outdoor recreational opportunities, like hiking and even mountain biking. Also, Bozeman is located at an altitude of 4,820 feet, which gives it a plethora of great skiing opportunities, and I am, after all, a huge skier. I cannot get enough of it.

But those luxury log homes made me reevaluate things. After all, you can even hire custom home designers to create custom floor plans for your luxury log homes if need be. My curiosity had been piqued by the idea of luxury log homes, but now it had my attention having dealt with anxieties and fears over living in an Abraham Lincoln style den.

Wyoming is also one of only nine states that does not tax individual wage income, I remembered when reconsidering the area.

But what do you all think? Should I pursue luxury log homes in Wyoming, or should I continue looking into Bozeman. Who knows? Maybe Montana has luxury log homes of their own, you know. More like this.